If you want to offer Teaching Services on Flylingua, you must read and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions for Teachers ("Teacher Terms") which are part of and incorporated into the Flylingua Terms of Service and Payment Terms of Service ("Terms"). These Teacher Terms will apply to any Account that is approved to be a Teacher on the Site. If you do not accept these Teacher Terms in full, you are not authorized to teach on the Site and you are not eligible to receive any benefits from Flylingua for any Teaching Services you provide.

Teacher Registration and Service Listing

Approval for Teaching Services

In order to become a "Teacher", you must first submit a complete Teacher Application. You may apply as a professional Teacher or a conversational teacher.
Professional teachers must upload relevant certifications for review.
Completed Teacher Applications are evaluated by Flylingua for approval. If your Teacher Application is approved, your User status will be changed to a "Teacher." You will have the ability to create and manage yor Teacher Profile on our Site. As a Teacher, you can begin providing "Teaching Services".

Teaching Services Description

In order to provide lessons, Teachers must create a description of their Teaching Services on Flylingua. When creating the description of your Teaching Services, you agree to the following guidelines:
  • Write a specific, detailed service description with clear scope, deliverables and lessons.
  • Set expectations that you can meet or exceed.
  • Not create services that are made with the intent to commit fraud, or provide services other than the ones outlined in the description. This includes offering your Services in exchange for positive feedback or for no cost.
  • For identification purposes you will be requested to provide a valid ID such as passport and /or residency permits in Switzerland. No address with “c/o” shall be accepted.
  • For quality purposes: if you are a professional teacher, you will be requested to provide at least 1 but not more than 4 references that Flylingua will be able to contact.
  • To comply with the regulations around Anti-money- Laundering efforts the bank account you will provide must match the ID you provided.
  • You are responsible for determining the hourly price for the lesson.
  • You may (but must not) grant following discounts:
    • On the first lesson (“trial lesson”)
    • On 5-hour packages (5%)
    • On 10-hour packages (10%)

Providing Teaching Services

Guidelines for providing your Teaching Services

Once you have received a Teaching Services request, you agree to the following guidelines:
  • Use the Flylingua portal to manage Student requests.
  • Respond promptly, within one business day, to all lesson-related communication, whether from the Student or from Flylingua.
  • It is your responsibility to keep the calendar appearing on your profile up-to-date.
  • While we recommend to only use the messaging service offered by Flylingua, maintain a record of all communication between you and the Student. Communication methods can include outside emails, instant messages, telephone or in-person conversations. Important details include information on the scope, deliverables, time frames, price, feedback, revisions, schedule changes, vacation, availability, delays, acceptance of deliverables, and completion of lessons.
  • Inform the Student of your availability and response time.
  • Inform the Student if you will be unavailable for more than one business day.

Guidelines if you will be unable to provide your Teaching Service

  • Immediately inform the Student offering an explanation and proposing a revised date.
  • Immediately alert Flylingua Customer Service so that Flylingua is aware of the situation and can offer assistance to the Student.

Guidelines for after you have provided your Teaching Service

  • Payment will occur upon:
    • Mandatory confirmation from yourself that the lesson has taken place (reply to an email sent after the lesson)
    • Absence of claims from the student within 24 hours from the lesson’s end
    • Payment is made after a 10.5% fee for the use of the platform and payment services provided by Flylingua.
    • Any changes (decrease/increase) to the fee will be communicated in advance to the Teachers.
  • Provide helpful, objective, balanced feedback for the Student.

Student Complaints and Refunds

Any Student who is dissatisfied with your Teaching Service is required to contact you directly through the Site regarding any issues or complaints. You should try to resolve any issue or complaint directly with the Student first.
If the issue or complaint cannot be resolved, between the Teacher and the Student, Flylingua will use all records of communication as evidence to make a determination on how to adjudicate the dispute. Flylingua shall have the right, in our sole discretion:
  • To offer a refund, or reverse a transaction.
  • To designate who shall bear the expenses resulting from any such actions.

Additional Guidelines for Teaching Services

  • Agree to maintain the privacy of Flylingua Students. This includes not soliciting any personally identifiable information (such as birth date, age, government issued number, phone number, or home address).
  • Agree to maintain the privacy of your personal details. This includes personal financial information regarding your Teacher Wallet.
  • Agree to maintain personal records for all invoices and payments.
  • Agree to cooperate with Flylingua in anti-fraud actions, and in Dispute Resolution.
  • Report any conduct violations, including misuse of ratings and feedback.
  • Not use Prohibited Content, or content that violates copyright.

Providing Teaching Services

You are expected to perform in a manner that results in a consistently high level of Student satisfaction. You are in breach of these Teacher Terms if you:
  • Fail to deliver any Teaching Service for which payment was accepted.
  • Fail to take reasonable efforts to resolve a dispute with a Student.
  • Create unacceptable levels of Student dissatisfaction
  • Violate the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or other policies
Flylingua reserves the following rights to take any of the following actions at any time and at our sole discretion:
  • Cancel your listed Teaching Service
  • Limit your Account privileges
  • Suspend or terminate your Account
  • Withhold all payments
  • Contact law enforcement or seek legal remedies

License Grants

License Grant for Teacher Content to Students

You hereby agree that any user who purchases your Teaching Services will be granted a right to use the Content in your Teaching Services solely for personal and noncommercial educational purposes. You acknowledge that all of the Content you submit to the Site is subject to the representations, warranties, license grants and other provisions contained in the Terms.
License Grant for Teacher Content to Flylingua
You acknowledge that Flylingua may use your Content and information about your Teaching Services in marketing, advertising and promotion of our Site or Application in any medium. You also give Flylingua permission to use your name as part of marketing, advertising or promotion.

License Grant for Teacher Logos

We encourage you to highlight your Teaching Services by using your trademarks, service marks or brands ("Logos") on our Site. You give us permission to display your Logos and to make modifications to the appearance of the Logos as may be reasonably necessary. You represent that you own all rights to your Logo. You retain ownership and all rights to any Logo that you submit. Logos may not contain any Prohibited Content. We reserve the right to remove your Logos from the Site at any time in our sole discretion.

Contacting Customer Service

If you wish to report a violation of Site or Service Policies, have any questions or need assistance, please contact Flylingua via the contact form on the website or Customer Services as follows: